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  • 5530 Nave Drive | Novato, 94949

    Principal Steve Hospodar

    A K-8 school, the administration, staff and parents are committed to academic excellence and social development. They host a KIPP inspired “School Within a School” model – Knowledge is Power Program. In 2010, Hamilton received the Title 1 Academic Achievement Award from the state of California, the only school in Marin County to receive such an award. In 2010, Hamilton also received a $250,000, five-year grant from the Marin Community Foundation to implement an Early Success - Pre K-3rd grade initiative.

  • 1320 Lynwood Drive | Novato, 94947
    Principal Andy Kline

    Lynwood has a very ethnically and economically diverse community offering a variety of educational programs that meet the needs of all students in English Language Development classes to self-contained 4th and 5th grade Gifted and Talented Education classes. Lynwood has an after-school program, awarded through a three-year state grant and has an on-site preschool in its second year of operation. In 2010, the school received a $250,000, five-year grant from the Marin Community Foundation to implement an Early Success Pre K-3rd grade initiative.

  • 1430 Johnson Street | Novato, 94947 
    Principal Angela Kriesler

    Rancho Elementary School is one of eight elementary schools within the Novato Unified School District. Rancho is unique in that it is has a small neighborhood boundary making it available for a limited number of intra-district transfers. Rancho is a consistent Scholar Schools Award winner from the California Business for Education Excellence for high student academic achievement and closing the achievement gap. 

  • 399 Alameda de la Loma |Novato, 94949
    Principal Tehniat Cheema

    Loma Verde’s focus is to continue to improve student achievement for each child in the school. The mission is to meet each child’s needs by focusing on individualized learning goals. Their academic growth is directly related to their focus on meeting the needs of a diverse student population, incorporation of math strategies and “debate” focus. The staff is committed to rigorous curriculum with a focus on engagement and differentiation strategies that include the use of technology in the classroom. Loma Verde has a math enrichment club composed of 4th and 5th graders. In 2010, Loma Verde received a $150,000, five-year grant from the Marin Community Foundation for a transformation project. 

  • 629 Plum Street | Novato, 94945
    Principal Elizabeth Sesna-Olinyk

    Olive is a member of the No Excuses College Prep Network and is known for encouraging a climate of collaboration through Professional Learning Community Strategies and believing that each child will be proficient in English Language Arts and Mathematics with no exception. Individual student goals are set, progress is monitored, and instruction plans are based on data analysis. Olive also promotes teamwork with families and believes in caring for the Earth through its Green Team where students actively recycle and compost and each class has a planting bed in the school garden. 

  • 1800 Center Road | Novato, 94947
    Principal Bonnie Barron

    The staff at Lu Sutton is committed to a school-wide culture of Universal Achievement. Their commitment is for every student to be academically proficient in the core academic areas. Lu Sutton received a state Distinguished School Award in 2009 and in 2012. In 2010, Lu Sutton received a five-year grant from the Haas Foundation for a Pre-K-3rd grade Early Literacy and Family Engagement program.

  • 755 Sutro Ave | Novato, 94947
    Principal Dana Sadan

    Instruction is standards-based and is supported by the close partnership between school staff and parents. Small group clusters are implemented in grades K-5. Pleasant Valley hosts special community events such as Unity Day, Giving Day, and Grandparents’ Day. Parent Information Nights include Grade Level Curriculum and Technology Nights. Pleasant Valley received the 2009 & 2010 Scholar Schools Award from the California Business for Education Excellence for high student academic achievement and closing the achievement gap.

  • 45 San Ramon Way | Novato, 94947
    Principal Amanda Langford

    San Ramon staff is strongly committed to working collaboratively to address the needs of all students through a well-articulated instructional program that supports the state standards and district-adopted curriculum. A California Distinguished School in 1995 and 2000, San Ramon uses program such as Accelerated Reader, Step Up to Writing, Six Traits of Writing, Read Naturally, and SRA Reading Labs to support student achievement. Character Counts!, a program emphasizing the Six Pillars of Character, Is also embraced at San Ramon to support the goal that all children will achieve academic success and will be treated with respect. San Ramon became a Distinguished School in 2012.

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