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  • Novato Leadership - Class of 1991


    The list of 1991 Leadership graduates, including job type and employer (e-mail link included where applicable).


    Name Job Type Company
    Jan Bailey n/a n/a
    Brady Bevis Supervisor n/a
    Ronald Brill Marketing n/a
    Kirt Donaldson Realtor Frank Howard Allen
    Kathie Graham Executive Director n/a
    Margaret Kapranos  Realtor Frank Howard Allen 
    Marguerite Kugler n/a Northbay Ecumenical Homes
    Bob Mohr n/a Property Management
    Chuck O'Connor n/a n/a
    Steve Rempe President Rempe Construction
    Layne Schneider Program Director Community Action Marin
    Rodrigo Silveria n/a Add Store, Inc.
    Ed Stark Executive Vice President Suhr Risk Services
    John Stuber n/a CSW/Stuber- Stroeh Engineering
    James Tuite n/a Fireman's Fund
    August Venezia n/a Fairfax Lumber & Hardware
    Tommie Whitener  Attorney Law Offices of Tommie W. Whitener
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