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  • In an ongoing effort to empower local residents, businesses and nonprofits, the Novato Chamber of Commerce is proud to offer Leadership Novato a premier, hands-on learning experience that offers our graduates a unique and unrivaled set of skills. Our goal is to impart graduates with the necessary and coveted skills that will give them and their organizations a voice in our community.

    Leadership Novato's unique curriculum is far more inclusive and than most traditional leadership programs. Leadership Novato proudly partners with the Novato Unified School District, the City of Novato, Novato Sanitary District, North Marin Water District, & the elite Novato Fire Protection District in order to offer the most in depth knowledge for our graduates.

    If you work, live, play, or participate in this amazing community, then Leadership Novato is for you! With these skills, you will learn how local government is organized and how you can most effect change. Leaders of nonprofits, businesses, members of local districts and even residences will all gain priceless skills from the Novato Chamber of Commerce's Leadership Novato Program

  • Leadership Novato Director Leadership Novato Director

    Meet Victoria Worch!

    If you have any questions regarding Leadership Novato please feel free to contact us directly!

    Email Victoria!
    415-897-1164 x349

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  • Leadership Novato Advisory Committee 2016-2017
    Regina Bianucci Rus, LN’09, CPA
    Clark Blasdell, LN’93, President and CEO, Northbay Family Homes (NFH), Suburban Alternatives Land Trust (SALT), Bluestar Family Homes (BFH)
    Coree Cameron, LN’12, Managing Partner 
    Cameron Coffey & Kaye Professional Corporation
    Patsy Fleisch, LN’12, Mary Kay Sales Director, Mary Kay Cosmetics
    Marie Rios, LN’15, Lyconet Marketer, Lyoness America
    Coy Smith, CEO Novato Chamber of Commerce
    Victoria Worch,LN’15, Director of Leadership Novato

    Leadership Novato Partners Representatives: 
    Chief Mark Heine, LN’13 Novato Fire Protection District
    Chris DeGabriele, LN’99, General Manager, North Marin Water District 
    Jim Hogeboom, Superintendent, Novato Unified School District 
    Sandeep Karkal, LN’07, Manager-Engineer, Novato Sanitary District 
    Regan Candelario, City Manager, City of Novato

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  • Is creating a strong local economy

    Works to advocating business' interest to government

    Fosters a competitive edge through education

    Helps build business relationships

    Influences political action

    Serves as the region's principle tourism promoter through VistitNovato

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  • Leadership in Novato
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