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  • Novato Leadership - Class of 1997


    The list of 1997 Leadership graduates, including job type and employer (email link included where applicable).


    Name Job Type         Company                            
    Brad Beedle                                                         
    Dick Baustein   Novato Advance     
    Donald Brand     PG&E (Retired)  
    Vince Chisholm      
    James Current Retired Reverend     Novato Methodist Church                      
    Michael DiGiorgio Officer Manager Athas and Associates  
    Carole Dillon-Knutson      Novato City Council  
    Patricia Eklund      
    Matthew Endriss   Birkenstock Footprints, Inc  
    Molly Gleason      
    Chuck Joseph   Rotary Club of Novato  
    Carol Kneis   Bank of Marin  
    Tom Knopf   Eckhoff Accountancy Corp  
    Wayne Leach    CSW/Stuber-Stroeh Engineering   
    John Marshall   Inn Marin  
    Dave Milano   Aaero Heating & Sheet Metal, Inc  
    Andy Pansini   Jandy Industries  
    Peggy Parenti   Novato Community Hospital  
    Tanya Schevitz   Marin Independent Journal  
    Edward Schulze  Retired     
    Thomas Selfridge Representative Truckee Sanitary District  
    Vicky Tappero   West America Bank  
    Rene Tovar    Novato Human Needs/ Golden Gate  
    Cattarina Vandentoom   Vandentoom Associates   
     Anna Young   Viking Realty
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  • Is creating a strong local economy

    Works to advocating business' interest to government

    Fosters a competitive edge through education

    Helps build business relationships

    Influences political action

    Serves as the region's principle tourism promoter through VisitNovato