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  • Novato History Museum & City Walk

    Located in the hear of Novato's Historic Old Town, the Novato History Museum features a wide range of exhibits including photos, agricultural tools, household items, and children's toys. The museum's archives tell amazing stories about the city's history and its people through historical maps, photos and documents.

    The Novato History Museum is located in the former Postmaster's House next door to the Novato Chamber of Commerce and Visitor Center. The History Museum partners with the Historical Guild and can provide guided tours of the neighborhood, museum facilities and more. 

    HOURS Novato History Museum & City Walk
    Wed-Fri Postmaster's House, 815 DeLong Avenue
    12:30pm - 4:30pm Novato, CA 94945
    $3 - $10 Admission 415-897-4320 |  www.NovatoHistory.org


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  • Is creating a strong local economy

    Works to advocating business' interest to government

    Fosters a competitive edge through education

    Helps build business relationships

    Influences political action

    Serves as the region's principle tourism promoter through VisitNovato