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  • Meet Team Air Meet Team Air

    Yancy Hawkins | Novato Unified School District
    Suzanne Putman | YMCA
    Matthew McCaffrey | City of Novato, Police; Cpt.
    Molly Foley | Bank of Marin

    (Left-Right)  Not Shown: Selin Kabaalioglus | Riixos Transportation

    Project: Yum Yum Chile Fun! Project: Yum Yum Chile Fun!

    This Winter, Team Air will be providing marketing support for the Novato Youth Center and the Novato Fire Foundation’s community event - the Novato Youth Chili Academy (NYCA).  In addition, we will also be providing volunteer support for the event.

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  • Meet Team Earth Meet Team Earth

    Sophia Osotio | Whistlestop & Marin Mommies
    Teresa Ehteshami | City of Novato
    Robert LaCroix | Novato Fire Protection District; Cpt. 
    Tim Russel | Valley Oak Wealth Management
    Rob Roberts | Big4Party Rentals


    Project: Calling All Volunteers Project: Calling All Volunteers

    Team Earth’s project is to work with Kiosk and the City of Novato to develop and market a Volunteer web page on the City of Novato’s website where nonprofits can posts volunteer opportunities to the public. 

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    • Fire.png
  • Meet Team Fire Meet Team Fire

    Jeff Whittet | Fire Protection District
    Anna Lebedeff | Marin Independent Journal
    Theo Madias | Novato Chamber of Commerce
    Erik Brown | Novato Sanitary District
    Susan Wernick | Novato Forward 


    Project: Books Young and Old & the Beautiful Project: Books Young and Old & the Beautiful

    Team Fire's project centers on invigorating patronage of The Book Place in downtown Novato by engaging young families and seniors with compelling messaging and events. With limited staff time available to manage engagement campaigns, we are focused on sustainable plans leveraging community partnerships, and volunteer staffing provided by student internships. 

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  • Meet Team Water Meet Team Water

    Pam  Haessly | Novato Community Television
    Robert Moy | Marin Painting Co.
    Nancy Holton | North Marin Water District

    Kyle Dague | Novato Fire Protection District, Cpt.

    (Left-Right) Not Shown: Scott Sanders | City of Novato

    Project: Lights! Camera! Spotlight! Project: Lights! Camera! Spotlight!

    This Spring Team Water plans to produce a 2-minute promotional video highlighting key aspects of the non-profit organization, Love is the Answer – LITA – and its mission. By developing the promotional video, our hope is to generate additional visibility for the LITA organization and more specifically, to encourage volunteerism, individual service to the community through LITA’s important programs and perhaps to encourage individual and corporate sponsorship of the programs through monetary and donations in kind.