For over 100 years, the Novato Chamber has weighed in on local and regional politics to ensure that the region's businesses and economic interests are represented. We make public stances on regional measures, candidates, and regulations. Along with news stories about our legislative advocacy and elections/endorsements, you can also find our endorsement process--demonstrating our aims to create a transparent organization.

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AB 3087

The Novato Chamber OPPOSES AB 3087 as amended April 9, 2018, that interferes with an employer's ability to negotiate for benefit designs and costs for their employees, interferes with Covered California's ability to negotiate with insurers, reduces access to care, adds an additional layer of bureaucracy, and adds a new health care cost called "witness fees".

AB 3087 establishes an appointed commission to impose price controls on...

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North Bay Chamber's Convine to set legislative priorities for North Bay.

In April, Novato Chamber leaders participated in the North Bay Chambers Legislative Summit. The summit, a meeting comprised of chambers throughout the north bay, aims to create a list of legislative priorities for the region. The summit was convened with the aim to establish THREE topics. Near the end of the summit, a FOURTH topic was added to complete the list. While no official vote or endorsement of the list has been made by the Board, the Novato Chamber wanted to share the results. Tha aim of this list is to help guide the region in their legislative priorities when working with local, regional and state officials.

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Board of Directors

Board members serve a term of 3 years and may serve two consecutive terms. Following a year off-duty, they may resume their service. The Board sets policy, general goals, vision and helps forge the path of the organization under the leadership of the Board President.

Board of Directors

Government Affairs Committee

The Novato Chamber's Government Affairs Committee meets with local leaders, community members, and interests groups in order to remain informed about what is happening in our community, the region and beyond.


Membership News

Investigate the latest happenings with Chamber members. Keep up and follow local businesses, organizations with the Novato Chamber's Press Room, submit your own press releases and join the discussion!

News and Media

Novato Chamber Endorsement Process


Candidates / Project Representatives are interviewed by the Government Affairs Committee (GAC)

Step 2 >  FORUM
In the case of candidates, and some projects, public forums are held.

GAC makes a recomendation to the Novato Chamber Board of Directors who then vote to 1) endorse, 2) oppose or 3) take NO position


If you are interested in seeking the endorsement of the Novato Chamber, please contact the Novato Chamber's Government Affairs Committee 

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