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  • Business Referral Group

  • Business Referral Networking Group (BRNG)


    BRNG Mission Statement:
    The Novato Chamber of Commerce Referral Group shall exist for the purpose of generating business referrals and sharing knowledge among its members.  It also provides a setting where members can become better acquainted with each other.  In addition, it allows members and Chamber of Commerce staff to bring guests, thereby encouraging membership and participation in the program and within the Chamber.

    BRNG Structure:
    - Any Business Referral Networking Group member must be a member in good standing of the Chamber of Commerce.
    - Each Business Referral Networking Group shall consist of not more than twenty-five members.
    - There may be more than one representative at a time from any given industry (no limits).
    - NCOC Business Referral Networking Group membership terms are three or six months (from join date).
    - All questions from interested parties to be directed through the Chamber and staff.

    BRNG Meeting Time/Day/Place:
    The Business Referral Networking Group meets twice per month, on the 1st and 3rd Thursdays. Arrive at the meeting at 12:00 noon; meeting starts at 12:15 p.m. and ends at about 1:15 p.m. 

    BRNG Cost:
    The BRNG has an extra cost to join - $125 for 3 months and $225 for 6 months. An additional one-time $20 fee covers the cost of a badge.



    For more information about the BRNG, including how to get invited to a FREE LUNCH, contact Eileen Joyce, Membership Relations Manager.

    415.897.1164 office
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  • Is creating a strong local economy

    Works to advocating business' interest to government

    Fosters a competitive edge through education

    Helps build business relationships

    Influences political action

    Serves as the region's principle tourism promoter through VisitNovato