Leadership Novato welcomes the Class of 2018! Each class is broken up into 'teams' that will utilize the skills and knowledge they obtain in their sessions to provide the community with a "long lasting and sustainable' community project. Projects take on a variety of styles and complexities. We are pleased to welcome the Class of 2018!

Hamilton Hangars - Marin Community Foundation
Session IV ended at the Hamilton Hangars where students learned about serving on Boards and Nonprofit Agencies.
Dew Leaf

Team DeLong

Mari Avedano
Soroptimist International Novato

Verna Eisen
Coldwell Banker Real Estate

Christine Goodin
PRANDI Property Management

Cpt. Lori Jessell
Novato Fire Protection District

Phillip Titus
City of Novato

John Tornes
Edward Jones Investments


Community Leadership

Photo 2

This program arose out of a need to give local leaders a better understanding of the complexity that enables this community to function. It also gives a clear definition of the roles that the various municipalities play. To this day, students become exposed to the various community players through the nine (9) sessions of the class. Ranging from topics as complex as economics to sanitation, the students gain a 'hands-on' experience and learn about how this community functions. The aim is to train leaders or at least, expose future leaders to the current systems. By giving our future leaders a clear understanding of where we have been and where we are, they may begin to effectively take action in their community 

Lichen Tree

Team Atherton

Thomas Engdahl
Vidillion, Inc

Jennifer Larson
Novato Unified School District

Melina Reyes
Bank of Marin

Mario Schiano Di Cola
Hilltop 1892

Carrie Scrimshire
Novato Chamber


Living Here

Team Sweester

Robin Diederich
Community Member

Gretchen Felciano
Novato Fire Protection District

Jerry Schultz
Portable Party Crew West
Novato Chamber Ambassadors

Liz Tran
City of Novato

Rocky Volger, PE
North Marin Water District

Susan White
County of Marin

Personal Growth

Still Water

Students are placed into groups based on their 'strengths' that are determined by an assessment conducted early in the class. In addition to monthly attendance, students are asked to work in their teams to complete a community project. Students must take the leadership skills that they have learned and use them to work cohesively within a group. It has become the Novato Chamber's annual tradition to launch each class with a Team Building Retreat that is organized by the Novato Fire Protection District at their training facility. As students gain a clearer understanding for the community, they also begin to grow as individuals and as team-players--a critical piece for any future leader hoping to build a positive coalition.


Team Pacheco

Kebby McInroy
Studio4Art | Downtown Novato
Business Association

Anne T. Russell
Valley Oak Wealth Management

Lisa Swanson
LS Consulting

Dale Thrasher
Novato Sanitary District

Mark Tillson
Cameron Coffey & Kaye Professional Corporation

Candice Youngman
Community Member | NCTV Board Member