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    Most people get to Novato by car. Novato lies along the "101 corridor" also known as the Redwood Highway runs north-south through Sonoma, Marin and San Francisco Counties. Highway 37 connects east-west and brings in Novato and heads easterly connecting Marin, Sonoma Napa and Solano Counties. Bellow are helpful hints and Guides that can help you beat the local rush-hour traffic like a local!

    For More Information on local traffic conditions please click here!

  • Highway 101 | Redwood Highway | El Camino Real Highway 101 | Redwood Highway | El Camino Real

    The Redwood Highway runs north-south along the stretch of California.  It connects (in order from Novato) Petaluma, Pengrove, Rhonert Park, Santa Rosa and to the south Marinwood, Terra Linda/San Rafael, I-580 Merge, Corte Madera / Larkspur, Mill Valley, Sausalito, the Golden Gate Bridge, San Francisco.

    101 Southsound   7 am - 9:30 am

    101 Northbound  5 pm - 7:00 pm

    DID YOU KNOW? Highway 101 was originally created by Spaniards who founded the Missions along Alta California's. Highway 101, was originally designated as El Camino Real or "the Royal Highway". The name that survives in use today in many south bay cities and in the Los Angeles area. The highway is marked with "mission bells" to commemorate the origins of highway 101. 

    CA -1 | Pacific Coast Highway CA -1 | Pacific Coast Highway

    The Novato does not lie along CA-Route 1 (known as the "coast highway" by locals, but several roads connect highway 101 and cities along the Redwood Highway corridor to communities along the coast. Highway 101 & 1 are one road over the Golden Gate Bridge and northbound until they diverge in Mill Valley.  From Highway 1 turn onto Pt. Reyes Station road (left from the north and right from the south) just outside of Pt. Reyes Station. Follow that road until your first stop sign and turn left onto Petaluma - Point Reyes Road. Follow that road until the second intersection and turn right onto Novato Boulevard. 

    No Rush Hour Times

    DID YOU KNOW? Highway 1 connects at the Golden Gate bridge and parallels highway 101 up and down the state. There are several communities along 101 that connect with 1 as Novato does, but due to its windy roads, steep grades, Highway 1 makes for considerably longer trips. Another thing to keep in mind is that towns are few and far between and often lack gas stations and large communities for supplies.

    CA - 37 | San Pablo Bay Freeway CA - 37 | San Pablo Bay Freeway

    Highway CA-37, sometimes known as the San Pablo Bay freeway begins in Novato and runs eastward connecting Novato to Sonoma, Napa & Solano Counties and ends at the I-80 merge continuing on to Sacramento.  Highway 37 through Marin County is not too problematic, but as you cross the eastward over the Petaluma River you will notice it slows considerably. The road goes from four lanes down to two at the Sonoma Speedway and this causes significant backup. Besides rush hour commutes, the Sonoma Raceway schedule of drag, indie and NASCAR events can make the road come to a standstill. Locals know to follow the racing schedule and avoid Highway 37 at any cost. 

    37 Westbound 6:30 am - 8:00 am
    37 Eastbound 4:30 -7:30 pm 

    DID YOU KNOW? Highway 37 originally had three lanes? The center lane (now occupied with a barrier) used to serve as a passing lane alternating between west and eastbound traffic. It was so dangerous it earned the name "Bloody Alley". Widening talks began in the 1960s but have been slow due to the ecologic sensitivity and importance of the San Pablo Bay wetlands. 



  • Golden Gate Transit | Bus Golden Gate Transit | Bus

    Many commuters to San Francisco enjoy taking the Bus to work. Regular commuter buses are available for those headed south into the City with Golden Gate Transit. There are only a few options for buses going against the commute or for going eastbound towards Contra Costa / Alameda / Solano / Napa Counties. Golden Gate Transit does run buses during off-commute hours but they are generally not direct routes. 

    Within Marin County one can take MarinTransit (see below) an offshoot of the Golden Gate Transit system aimed at increasing the efficiency and effect of the Golden Gate Transit corridor and the SMART corridor.

    If you are looking for a Golden Gate Bus Schedule Please Click Here

    DID YOUR KNOW? Clipper Card makes traveling on the Golden Gate Transit system fast and accountable? Also! Golden Gate Transit is celebrating more than 40 years of service and that they decorate their vehicles for events, holidays and important notices such as "Spare the Air" Days!

    Marin Transit Marin Transit

    Marin Transit is an offshoot of the Golden Gate Transit System that has been created to help increase the reach and connectivity of the bus system. Including a School system as well as regular commuter incentives, MarinTransit is better able to penetrate deeper into towns and cities in order to increase communities' sustainability. 

    If you are looking for a Golden Gate Bus Schedule Please Click Here

    DID YOUR KNOW? Marin Transit is a key component to the success of SMART Rail? MarinTransit hopes to connect large portions of Novato and other towns with the regions SMART stations

    Marin Airporter | Hamilton-Ignacio Pick up Marin Airporter | Hamilton-Ignacio Pick up

    The Marin Airporter connects San Francisco International Airport to Novato at the Hamilton-Ignacio Airport Station by the Marriott Hotel and the Hamilton SMART station. Consider having your family or guests use the Marin Airporter for greater traveling ease and to avoid parking fees at the airport or the expense of a rental car.

    Looking for more information regarding the Pick Up at the Ignacio / Hamilton Airporter Station in Novato Click Here

    DID YOUR KNOW? The Marin Airporter departs SFO every 30 minutes? Making traveling to and from San Francisco much simpler. Another option could be to take the SMART train directly to Santa Rosa (North of Novato) to the Sonoma County Regional Airport. 


  • Image result for SMART Train map

    If you are traveling north or south along the 101 corridor, consider taking SMART (Sonoma-Marin Area Regional Transit) SMART is a light-rail system that will span Marin & Sonoma Counties. At its northern extent, SMART will reach Sonoma's Northern Wine Country in Cloverdale and to the south, it will reach Larkspur near the Golden Gate Ferry Terminal.

    SMART was voter approved and is being constructed in two phases and should be opened in Early 2017. Phase 1 will give Novato two stops, one located at Atherton in North Novato and the other located in Hamitlon in Southern Novato. A third stop is being placed alongside the original train depot in Downtown Novato during Phase II of construction, giving Novato three stops-- more than any other city.

    SMART users can go to the SMART Website to access information on schedules, fares, quiet zones, media and more. Fares will be payable with the Bay Area's regional transit Clipper Card. 

    For More Information on SMART Rail including documents relating to pricing, safety, scheduling and more! Click Here


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  • Golden Gate Transit | Ferry Service Golden Gate Transit | Ferry Service

    Image result for golden gate ferry logoConsider taking the Golden Gate Ferry for your commute or even during your free time as you travel throughout the Bay Area. The GG Ferries offer direct service from either Larkspur or Sausalito to the San Francisco Ferry Terminal on the Embarcadero.  Travelers will find a full bar, refreshments and WiFi and get to experience commuting in comfort and ease while taking in spectacular views of San Francisco, Alcatraz, the East Bay, and the Bay Area's many bridges. Pay for the ferry with your Clipper Card, purchase your card at the Larkspur or Sausalito Ferry Terminals.

    Golden Gate Ferry Fleet: GT Marin, GT Sonoma, GT San Francisco, MV Del Norte, MV Mendocino, MV Napa, MV Golden Gate

    For a complete schedule of the Golden Gate Ferries, please click here

    DID YOUR KNOW? All of the Golden Gate Ferry's fleet can accommodate bicycles. The MV Marin can carry 100 bikes on board and there is no additional fee for two-wheeled commuters / tourists. 

    Agnel Island - Tiburon Ferry Agnel Island - Tiburon Ferry

    Angel Island Tiburon Ferry CompanyA beautiful day trip with the family or evey overnight on  beautiful Angel Island is one of the most unique experience we have as Bay Area residents. Fourth Generation Family owned and operated, the Angel Island-Tiburon Ferry allows locals to get unique perspectives of the San Francisco Bay. Check out their schedule, private party events and more!

    Golden Gate Ferry Fleet: Angel, Bonita, Tamalpais

    For a complete schedule of the Angel Island - Tiburon Ferry Click Here

    DID YOUR KNOW? The Angel Island Ferry also offers private tours and sunset cruises? Some popular destinations include Alcatraz, San Francisco, and they also conduct cruises for company parties, private events and so much more!

    San Francisco Giants / McCovey Cove Routes San Francisco Giants / McCovey Cove Routes

    Image result for mccovey coveExperience AT&T Park and your San Francisco Giants in a uniquely San Francisco way. Take the Larkspur Ferry to and from the park! Giants Fans traveling to Marin can avoid the traffic hassles near the park, the parking headaches, and the long commute home. Enjoy this Home Field Advantage with the Golden Gate Ferry or other ferry services including the Blue and Gold Fleet and the Angel Island - Tiburon Ferry Company

    For a Complete Webpage regarding the Giants' Ferry, Please Click Here

    DID YOUR KNOW? That McCovey Cove was designed for ferry service? The ferry runs for all of the SF Giants Home Games and can get you to and from Marin with the greatest of ease!


  • San Francisco International Airport (SFO) San Francisco International Airport (SFO)

    A vast majority of Novato's airtraffic share is directed through San Francisco International Airport. Located in South San Francisco, California the airport is owned and opperated by the City & County of San Francisco. Boasting beautiful terminals, local small businesses for travelers, restaurants, museums and connections to BART (the Bay Area Regional Transit), SFO recieves a lot of air traffic. Delays are fairly common due to fog, so be sure to check on the status of your outgoing or incoming flights.

    Novato residents are free to take the Marin County Airporter directly to and from SFO. The Marin Airporter drops / picks passengers up at the bus dept accross from the Marriott Hotels in Novato & Larkspur. For more information on the Marin County Airporter please click here or call 415.461.4222 

    Image result for sfo logo        Image result for sfo

    Click here for Directions from San Francisco International Airport (SFO) to Novato

    Oakland International Airport (OAK) Oakland International Airport (OAK)

    Second largest Bay Area Airport, Oakland International (OAK) is owned and operated by the Port of Oakland and accommodates more than 11 million passengers each year. OAK has expanded dramatically in the past few years and now offers flights and direct connections to many of the world's top business and tourism destinations. Today, thirteen airlines offer non-stop service to over 55 domestic and international locations, and being less than 35 miles from Novato, OAK offers quick access to some of the Bay Area's top tourism destinations. 


    Airport of Oakland Logo      Oakland

    Click here for Directions from Oakland International Airport (OAK) to Novato

    Charles M Schultz Sonoma County Airport (STS) Charles M Schultz Sonoma County Airport (STS)

    The Charles M. Schulz – Sonoma County Airport (STS) is located just north of Novato in the heart of Sonoma County’s Wine Country—just 55 miles north of the Golden Gate. Although small, this airport is often hassle free and can be easily accessed from the SMART Rail System. Currently STS offers direct flights on Alaska Airlines, Allegiant Air & American Airlines all along the Pacific Rim States.

    Offering shorter lines, the Charles M Schultz Airport (named for the creator of the ‘Peanut’s’ Comic Strip) also features convenient ground transport, affordable parking, great restaurants and amazing wine tasting on site. Fly STS when you want to fly the best.

    Image result for sonoma county airport        Image result for wine country airport

    Click here for Directions from Sonoma County Airport to Novato

    San Jose Mineta International Airport (SJC) San Jose Mineta International Airport (SJC)

    Novato is only steps from the International Technology Hub of Silicon Valley. If you are looking to fly from or to the Silicon Valley chances are you are headed for the  Norman Y. Mineta San José International Airport (SJC), located in the heart of Silicon Valley, the center of global technology innovation. The airport is close to Silicon Valley tech giants including Google, Apple Computer, Cisco, Intel, Adobe, eBay, and Hewlett Packard, and only two miles from downtown San Jose. SJC is a completely self-supporting enterprise owned and operated by the City of San José, Northern California's largest city and the 10th largest city in the U.S. 

    Image result for san jose mineta airport         
    Click Here for Directions from San Jose International Airport to Novato


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