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  • Novato Leadership - Class of 1995


    The list of 1995 Leadership graduates, including job type and employer (e-mail link included where applicable).


    Name Job Type Company
    Marissa Cigaro n/a n/a 
    Esther Coogan n/a PG&E
    John DeGaetano n/a Bay View Bank
    Larry Dito retired Novato Parks, Recreation and Community Services
    Elizabeth Ellenberg    n/a Ellenberg Insurance Agency
    Douglas Hecker n/a Canyon Manor
    Bruce Johnson n/a Chapman/Shepard
    Jeff McAlpin n/a Northbay Ecumenical Homes
    Jean Price Lewis Attorney    Jean Price Lewis, Attorney at Law
    Jennifer Schmicher n/a College of Marin
    Sally Schulz n/a Marin Independent Journal
    Karen Vertin   n/a Novato Community Hospital
    Guy Wayne n/a Fireman's Fund
    Patsy White n/a League of Women Voters of Marin County
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    Works to advocating business' interest to government

    Fosters a competitive edge through education

    Helps build business relationships

    Influences political action

    Serves as the region's principle tourism promoter through VisitNovato