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  • It’s your evening to shine, and we are honored that we will have the opprotunity to share this momentious occasion with you. The Novato Chamber of Commerce hosts Ribbon Cutting Events for businesses that have recently opened and/or recenelty joined the Novato Chamber of Commerce. This is your evening to shine, and we will work with you to make sure that your evening goes off without a hitch. 

    Program & Staging

    Ribbon Cuttings are each unique, but some things are fairly consistent—one of those things being, the agenda. Chamber Staff & Greeters will arrive early to help people as they come in. Guests and elected officials arrive shortly after that.

    Where the ceremony takes place ultimately is up to you. Make sure that for the ceremony, the actual ribbon cutting offers itself to be a good location for photos. Typically the Chamber CEO will MC, and they will introduce elected officials, Board Members and the Chamber’s Ambassadors. Following the many photo-ops, you will get to CUT THE RIBBON with the giant scissors. Following the Ribbon Cutting it will be your opportunity to tell us more about your business, and yourself.

    Be happy, this is YOUR night, and everyone will be giving you their undivided attention. Remember to tell us how we can help your business, who would be a good referral for you and what separates you from people in your field?

    Elected Officials

    Ribbon Cuttings give elected officials a great opportunity to meet business owners and the community. Many of them enjoy coming to our member’s Ribbon Cutting and it is not uncommon for the Chamber to play host to these public servants at our events. Our Chamber staff will be sure to inform these officials about your event and will coordinate their attendance and speaking opportunities into the program for the evening.

    On Your End

    The Chamber will take care of most everything for the Ribbon Cutting, there are a few logistical details, however, that we feel you will want to address. Please Note: there are just suggested topics that you and your staff should look into. We suggest that your Ribbon Cutting best showcase your business. Restaurants 
    • Food / Drink: some people have brought in catering
    • Invite Your Own Network: invite your friends and family to join you at this event. Invite existing clients and colleagues to help you celebrate
    • Entertainment: Some companies have included live music or at least some background music
    • Media Material: be sure to have plenty of business cards to hand to people as well as brochures, or other pieces of media material.
    • Social Media: Help the Chamber Promote you by linking your social media p ages with theirs. Share stories regarding your event and help increase the reach throughout the community

    Many people have brought in outside services to help them with their Ribbon Cutting—the Chamber has a good list of Caterers, Music Acts, and a pretty large network of professionals that can help you throw the perfect event, let us know if you need any recommendations.

    Mailing Labels

    Some businesses elect to announce their ribbon cutting with invitations, the Chamber can provide you with mailing address labels for this purpose. For more information please click here. Please Note: as policy to ensure the privacy of our members, we do NOT provide and electronic list or emails of our membership database.

    Planning the Perfect Ribbon Cutting

    Like any great event, teamwork is the key. The Novato Chamber of Commerce is ready to help you throw the perfect event. Just give us a call and we will be ready to help.

    Christina Niles
    Email Christina
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