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The business community builds Novato and the North Bay! Thank you to Sylvia Chang Barry for this great video of local business leaders from the Sunrise Rotary for assisting in the efforts to improve and expand trails in Mt. Burdell



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The Novato Chamber has a long history of endorsing community projects. In the late 1920s the Novato Chamber was the only organization North of San Francisco to endorse and support the raising of bond funds for the Golden Gate Bridge. Today, we still endorse projects--but not for the sake of development. We believe that projects should reflect the traditions of our community while addressing the needs for the future vitality of Novato and the North Bay economy. We do not think we have to sacrifice one for the other, and we believe in smart development that embraces sustainable practices so that future generations may enjoy our works and follow our example. Together, in line with leaders, potenial investors and developers, the Novato Chamber is Shaping Tomorrow.



The Novato Chamber is excited to see a project that fits the look and style of Novato coming to the First and Grant location. The project promises to add economic vibrancy to our downtown and create a stronger business climate in the district.



The Board of Directors supported the development of this boutique hotel in the Wood Hollow area of north Novato.



It nice to see this project moving forward after so many years as it will support our community's developing and growing light industrial sector.

North Bay Chambers' Legislative Summit

Each year the chambers of the North Bay convene to discuss the top regional legislative priorities. Despite this year's goal of setting THREE priorities the North Bay Chambers wound up establishing FOUR general priorities for the region.

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Membership | Shaping Tomorrow!

Membership in the Novato Chamber is more than succeeding; it is knowing someone is representing your interests and concerns on a local, regional and state level. It's knowing that you have a resource and an ally, and it is knowing that we want to see our community succeed together. We proactively Shape Tomorrow. Check us out!

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Board of Directors

Board members serve a term of 3 years and may serve two consecutive terms. Following a year off-duty, they may resume their service. The Board sets policy, general goals, vision and helps forge the path of the organization under the leadership of the Board President.

Board of Directors

Novato Chamber Endorsement Process


Candidates / Project Representatives are interviewed by the Government Affairs Committee (GAC)

Step 2 >  FORUM
In the case of candidates, and some projects, public forums are held.

GAC makes a recomendation to the Novato Chamber Board of Directors who then vote to 1) endorse, 2) oppose or 3) take NO position


If you are interested in seeking the endorsement of the Novato Chamber, please contact the Novato Chamber's Government Affairs Committee 

Government Affairs meets on the first Tuesday of each month.