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Local projects coming to town include are shaping the way our community is evolving. Stay engages with the Novato Chamber because we keep a pulse on projects coming your way! We believe in weighing in on such projects to ensure that the interests of business are heard.



The Novato Chamber is excited to see a project that fits the look and style of Novato coming to the First and Grant location. The project promises to add economic vibrancy to our downtown and create a stronger business climate in the district.



The Board of Directors supported the development of this boutique hotel in the Wood Hollow area of north Novato..



It nice to see this project moving forward after so many years as it will support our community's developing and growing light industrial sector.



Representatives of this development have been invited to speak in regards to the project and we look forward to weighing in on the proposal.






















The Novato Chamber recently endorsed the proposed Hyatt Place Hotel in Wood Hollow.  The design is appropriate to the site, set back from the street, small in scope (87 rooms), with upscale branding.  This will be the first new hotel in Novato in 18 years and the only Hyatt in Marin.  The project will create 30 new jobs, increase City TOT tax receipts, and bring in new tourists close to our SMART station and Downtown.  We are pleased that the Pate Family wants to invest millions of dollars in our community and support its long-term well-being.

Seth Shorett, Presidio Bank
Government Affairs, Co-Chair 
Novato Chamber Board of Directors

"old Pini Building"

I’m really excited to endorse the project at First and Grant.  I’ve worked on several projects with the developers and can attest that they do great work.  The design by local architect Dan Macdonald is outstanding and fits the character of our downtown while providing a modern feel.  The building stair-steps away from the residential neighborhood behind it to provide the scale that the project requires to pencil out, while not imposing on the 4 houses that have back yards on Industrial Way.  This is the right project for this site and it will revitalize the west end of Downtown.

Seth Shorett, Presidio Bank
Government Affairs, Co-Chair 
Novato Chamber Board of Directors


The project will help increase the transient occupancy tax revenue for the City. [the hotel] will support local business through increased traffic to restaurants and shops as the hotel will not have a restaurant. It will serve as a base for those looking to travel to the Wine Country or via SMART train...it will add approx 30-40 new permanent employment opportunities and where feasible, will employ local contractors to build the project.

Leslie Biagini Salazar AJ Paint Masters Novato Chamber Government AffairsLeslie Biagini Salizar, AJ Paintmasters
Government Affairs , Co-Chair

North Bay Chambers' Legislative Summit

Each year the chambers of the North Bay convene to discuss the top regional legislative priorities. Despite this year's goal of setting THREE priorities the North Bay Chambers wound up establishing FOUR general priorities for the region.

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Membership | Shaping Tomorrow!

Membership in the Novato Chamber is more than succeeding; it is knowing someone is representing your interests and concerns on a local, regional and state level. It's knowing that you have a resource and an ally, and it is knowing that we want to see our community succeed together. We proactively Shape Tomorrow. Check us out!

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Board of Directors

Board members serve a term of 3 years and may serve two consecutive terms. Following a year off-duty, they may resume their service. The Board sets policy, general goals, vision and helps forge the path of the organization under the leadership of the Board President.

Board of Directors

Novato Chamber Endorsement Process


Candidates / Project Representatives are interviewed by the Government Affairs Committee (GAC)

Step 2 >  FORUM
In the case of candidates, and some projects, public forums are held.

GAC makes a recomendation to the Novato Chamber Board of Directors who then vote to 1) endorse, 2) oppose or 3) take NO position


If you are interested in seeking the endorsement of the Novato Chamber, please contact the Novato Chamber's Government Affairs Committee 

Government Affairs meets on the first Tuesday of each month.