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Meet the Class of 2020!


Leadership Novato | Lead On. Lead Strong

Thank you sponsors and supporters of Leadership Novato

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Students will gain confidence...

...In their work place

...In their nonprofit work

...In their own life.

all while learning to serve and play an active role in their community as effective leaders. 

Leadership Novato: Class of 2018

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The Novato Chamber is proud of its comprehensive leadership program which proudly partners with the City of Novato, the Novato Unified School District, the Novato Sanitary District, the North Marin Water District, and the Novato Fire Protection District. By providing students with knowledge and perspectives from the point of view of the special districts, historical families, business owners, nonprofits and other community organizations students begin to understand how their community has come to be. Students also begin to formulate opinions, ideas and learn the skills necessary to implement their ideas in their daily lives.

Along with knowledge, students gain valuable leadership skills. Through a ‘strengths-based’ training and by working with their teams on a group project, students learn critical leadership skills. By establishing teams, Leadership Novato imparts valuable wisdom on team dynamics, the chain of command, delegation, communication, creativity and most importantly, cooperation.

Thank you for continuing the support the partnership between the Novato Chamber and the public agencies that have made this program such a success. You are taking the first steps in joining a long-established legacy of community partners.

Leadership Nobato CHamber Council Mock Fire Water District History Day


The connections and friendships some make in Leadership Novato transcend decades. The women and men of LN are civic-minded caring people and will be your allies and partners throughout your endeavors in business, philanthropy and activism.

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Community Minded

This program was created in order to help people cultivate their leadership skills. Students gain a stronger voice and learn how the community and its various components interact.

Leadership Nobato CHamber Council Mock Fire Water District History Day


Each month we take a look at a unique piece of a community's structure. From agriculture to water to power to traffic, all of these (and more) go into a structure of a community. Get behind the scenes and first-hand accounts from experts in their fields related to these topics.

Leadership Nobato CHamber Council Mock Fire Water District History Day


You will have an army of support behind you including +30 years of Novato Chamber Leadership Alumni as resources. From all walks of life, LN Alumni form a close bond.

Leadership Nobato CHamber Council Mock Fire Water District History Day


Working with a group of individuals may seem challenging at first, but as you and your team work to complete a community project for the town, you will bond and learn about different personality types.

Leadership Nobato CHamber Council Mock Fire Water District History Day
Leadership Nobato CHamber Council Mock Fire Water District History Day


The Novato Chamber, along with its partners, the North Marin Water District, Novato Sanitary District, City of Novato, and Novato Fire Protection District, are here to ensure YOUR success. Together we are #ShapingTomorrow


We take you OUT of the classroom and bring you onsite to various locations. In order to gain a clear understanding of Novato and its components, we get you behind-the-scenes access to some of the communities more overlooked components.

The classes | curriculum 

8:00 AM  - 3:30 PM
once a month (9 months)

Each class includes a continental breakfast, lunch, speakers, panels, and tours along with group activities.

8:00-8:30 am,  Pre-Class networking opportunity with speakers and alumni (optional)

Classes meet on the second Wednesday of each month (Sept -  May)


LN Public Speaking

Class of 2020 Graduation 

5:00 - 7:00 PM
May 13, 2020


Graduation from LN gives our community a chance to meet its future leaders. Students at this point have completed community projects and are looking to serve. We welcome ALL to attend this tremendous occasion.

Registration & Application

August 15, 2020
Submission Deadline |
LN' 2021

Early-Bird Discount Deadline - 06/31/2020

Printable PDF  | Online Application


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Leadership Novato Advisory Committee

The LNAC is a committee comprised of dedicated individuals who are determined to see the Leadership Novato Program and Curriculum succeed.

the LNAC

Leadership Novato Applications

Be part of a legacy that spans over 30 years. Leadership Novato gives comprehensive tools and real-experience to students looking to become effective leaders in their community.



2021 Student Application 

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Leadership Sponsor Forms

Leadership Novato Partners Representatives: 

Bill Tyler, LN’09 Chief
Novato Fire Protection District

Drew McIntyre, LN’02 
General Manager

North Marin Water District

Kris Cosca  Superintendent
Novato Unified School District

Sandeep Karkal, LN’07 General Manager | Chief Engineer
Novato Sanitary District

Adam McGill Acting City Manager:
City of Novato

Leadership Novato Advisory Committee 

Chair: Kim Stahley Director of Leadership Novato 
Curriculum Advisor Sylvia Barry, LN’12,
Reigning Valedictorian: Erich Mesenberg, LN’19
RFP Coordinator: Marie Rios LN' 15
Student Recruiter: Molly Foley, LN'17
Sponsorship Liaison: Marie Rios, LN’15
Committee Member: Clark Blasdell, LN’93
Committee Member: Tamara Ressler, LN'15


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If you have any questions about this page, the Leadership Novato program, curriculum applications, team projects, or the LN Advisory Committee, please reach out to Kim Stahley, the Director of Leadership Novato.