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By working with our community, the Novato Chamber has been able to create one of the most comprehensive Leadership Programs in the North Bay. By designing the curriculum in conjunction with major "players" in our community, we ensure that students gain valuable insight in to the avenues of service, or leadership that they may be interested in perusing. 

Novato Fire Protection District Chamber Leadership Partner

Novato Fire Protection District

How safe are we from fires? Where are our trucks? What Fire Houses ALSO have EMTs? Learn this and train in your team at the regional training facility.

Water District Novato North Marin Partner

North Marin Water District

Learn where your water comes from, the three-pronged approach to water security and all about the process of cleaning, purchasing and delivering water.

Novato Unified School District Partner CHamber Leadership

Novato School District

What portion of teachers commute to work? What is their pay? Are schools doing immersion? What about group-based learning? Wait..BOYS are failing at a higher rates than girls? 


Novato Sanitary District

How clean do we get? Where does all the plastic go? Is our landfill at capacity? What is with the purple pipes? So after Thanksgiving, where does the gravy go?

Novato City Hall Novato CHamber Partner Leadership

City of Novato

Are we a FULL SERVICE city? Who pays for roads? What is a deficit and why would we plan for one? Would it be better to use private enterprise to provide services? Pension plans?

Novato Chamber Logo No Tsagline

Novato Chamber

Why do we need a strong business community? What is leakage? How do dollars reproduce? Isn't Bio Tech messy? Why can't we have nightlife? Where is the train?

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Is your municipal agency interested in becoming an offical partner? If so, contact Victoria Worch, our Director of Leadership. You can email her directly by clicking on her photo!