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Our mission is to build a strong Novato economy where businesses and the community can thrive.


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The Novato Chamber works to build a strong North Bay economy in which the businesses and community thrive.

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Creating a Sustainable Local Economy

The Novato Chamber believes that it is everyone's duty to work towards a sustainable future. As a business organization, the Chamber also wants to ensure that business success is ALSO sustainable by providing a business-friendly climate.

The Novato Chamber is here to support businesses in achieving this goal. 

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Building Strong Business Relationships

As the leading business organization in the North Bay, the Novato Chamber hosts +200 independent events each year. Networking, business education and the opportunity to work cooperatively with others in the business community ensure that industry leaders build successful partnerships for the benefit of the Novato economy and community.

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Influencing Positive Political Action

Founded in 1915, the Novato Chamber has ALWAYS lobbied for the well-being of the Novato community. The Chamber believes in establishing partnerships with influential leaders who share that dedication. Businesses, employees and trade rely on the Chamber's unique ability to build bridges and cooperate and engage with civic leaders and officials. 

Advocating for Business' Interest and Economic Opportunities

A strong economy allows the community to thrive. In an effort to grow the success of Novato, the Chamber works to advocate for the economic interests of the community. Job creation, labor stability, transportation. connectivity and infrastructure are all necessary for a successful business sector and the local economy. 

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Fostering a Competative Edge Through Innovative Education

The world of business is ever-changing. Every day, new connections and technologies can be implemented to help businesses become more successful. Through innovative and relevant topics the Chamber hopes to help business be to connect with influential leaders, educators and creative minds in order to foster a more secure business community.

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Following the subdivision of the Rancho Novato Land Grant, new businesses and families began flocking to Novato. It was soon evident that the community needed some sort of civic organization to oversee improvements and leadership roles--the Chamber was founded to meet that need.

On August 5, 1915, the Novato Chamber was founded to lead the region. 

Values of the Novato Chamber

Creating a sustainable local economy.

Building strong business relationships.

Influencing positive political action and dialogue. 

Advocating for the interests of business and for future economic opportunities of the region.

Fostering a competitive edge through innovative education.

Chamber Events Calendar

Thank you to our President's Circle

Learn how President's Circle and the Novato Chamber's Signature Events can grow your organization

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The Festival in Novato has been around for over 35 years and has brought close to 1.5 million people to Downtown Novato over the years. The Festival is 100% organized by the Novato Chamber: learn more about Marin's Largest Outdoor Festival!

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History | Novato Chamber

The Novato Chamber is one of the North Bay's oldest institutions. The Chamber led Novato through much of the early years and continues to play a critical role in the community.

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History | Leadership Novato

Leadership Novato began over 30 years ago with the goal to identify, empower and support future community leaders. Learn more about the origins of one of the North Bay's most revered leadership institutions.

History Can Teach Us A Lot


Did you know that the Novato Chamber is a nonprofit? Yup! The Chamber is a 501c6, which is a little bit different than what most think of as a conventional nonprofit. 

Learn more about 501c6 Organizations!

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Do You Have Questions? Contact the Novato Chamber Team!

If you have any questions about this page, the Novato Chamber's history, marketing, social media, branding or if you want to learn more about utilizing the Chamber's marketing arm for your business, contact Christina Niles, click here to send an email!


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