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US 101 | the Narrows

The Novato Chamber works to ensure that connectivity to other commercial zones remains strong and efficient for local employers and employees. For more information on the status of the Narrows project please refer to TAM.

Marin Economic Forum

The CEO of the Novato Chamber sits on the Board of the Marin Economic Forum, ensuring that Novato's needs are addressed to a regional authority.

Novato General Plan: 2035

The Novato Chamber is playing close attention to the discussion surrounding the City of Novato's general plan, ensuring that business and commerce interests are represented. To view the City's draft general plan, click below.

Attracting Business

We are proudly partnering with the City of Novato to help attract NEW businesses, restaurants, and cafes to Novato. We are also working with them to help create ways to help established businesses succeed in this community. NOVATO IS OPEN FOR BUSINESS.


CA-37 | Economic Loss

The road is a vital link for Novato to the many parts of the east bay and it is critical that it works as efficiently as possible.  The Chamber attends the meetings on Highway 37 that includes representatives from four counties (Marin, Sonoma, Napa, & Solano), all four transportation agencies and well as others, we must find solutions to this major artery in our transportation system.


Novato Chamber Participates in Legislative Summit

North Bay Chambers meet to discuss legislative priorities for 2018-19. Come up with FOUR joint topics including housing, transportation, workforce development, and homelessness.

Board of Directors

Board members serve a term of 3 years and may serve two consecutive terms. Following a year off-duty, they may resume their service. The Board sets policy, general goals, vision and helps forge the path of the organization under the leadership of the Board President.

Board of Directors

Novato Citizens Alliance

Mission: Novato Citizens Alliance supports candidates in local and regional elections that are committed to building a strong and sustainable economy.

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Community Engagement

For over 100 years the Novato Chamber has worked to engage municipal leaders and agencies in order to represent the economic interest of our community. We represent our members on issues surrounding transportation, healthcare, housing, homelessness, public safety, education and more in order to secure a progressive economic future for our community.

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General questions about the Festival of Art, Wine & Music?

If you have a question about the largest annual event in Novato, please contact the Novato Chamber of Commerce! Click the photo to the right to email them directlyt

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