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The strength of the Leadership Novato (LN) program lies in its partners, moderators and supporting agencies that help us create a comprehensive curriculum. We utilize numerous venues, teaching styles, tours, interviews, and panels to bring students a program that will leave them with the skills to be effective leaders in the community. The program's curriculum really is three-pronged:  Knowledge Bases, Personal Growth and Community Involvement.

The Material

LN Proudly delivers a diverse and influential cross-section of a community to the class. Each session gives students the unique opportunity to come face-face with governing agencies/leaders, unique private enterprises, and the chance to glimpse and investigate the "behind-the-scenes" action of community's public agencies and processes. Students graduate from LN with a deep and comprehensive understanding of a community's complexity and responsibilities.  

Personal Growth

Through the implementation of "strength-based" training, students are placed into groups to complete a community service project during the class. Effective listening, goal setting, communicating skills are all passed on.  Students form life-long friendships and professional connection with fellow students, moderators, and civil leaders--effectively diversifying their personal networks. Finally, each session as well as the retreat, kick off with leadership & communication skills that can help students in their personal & professional lives.


The Community

Throughout the year, students are given challenges of ways that they can gain deeper understanding of the knowledge learned in class. Recommended field trips, volunteering opportunities at community events, and even attendance to local City Council meetings helps students gain appreciation for the complexity of our community.


Leadership Retreat

Take a day to build up your team. Learn how to coordinate, communicate and cooperate. Yes, those are LN students up 3 stories on a ladder playing 'catch': with a medicine ball. #Yolo!



Learn about the diverse nonprofit sector; including how they are governed, created and why they fill many critical niches in our community.



Learn about the economy on a macro/micro scale; market tendencies and how that plays into a region's housing, employment sector and cultural make up.



What is the oldest building in town? Help plan were we are going by knowing where we have been.  History can be reveal much  about the present.



Sick of traffic? The solution is not as simple as building a bigger road. Learn about the funding, zoning and alternative forms of transportation and meet the players that determine your commute time.



How does a community educate its citizens? Learn about bond measures, K-12 & higher ed challenges, and how education is not always a priority.


Arts & Culture

Music, festivals, restaurants, multiculturalism, contribute both benefits and challenges to the community. How do communities embrace and resist cultural changes?



How do leaders keep a community healthy? Why do they bother? Learn about aging, medicine, hospitals, and prevention, as well as epidemic abatement.

Government Chamber Novato Committee City of Novato

Local Government

How does the city, the budget, police, park and rec and all that function together? What is the capacity of civic government and its responsibilities to the residents.


Housing and Affordability

Housing and affordability are poised to become Marin's biggest social issue. Inability to reach housing needs, can negatively effect ALL aspects of the community. 

Tourism Novato Committee


Tourism draws outside wealth into the economy, but what draws tourism? Is it organic interest? Learn how leaders are fueling our tourism industry and the components that influence it.



Yes it is a buzz word, but all communities are restricted to sustainability barriers. Learn about what barriers are imposed, and how communities are going above and beyond for


Waste & Recycling

We look at the processes of dealing with "waste" or "refuse" including liquid, compostable, material, agriculture, solid, and bio hazardous waste. 


Public Safety

Public dollars support our security. Where are our investments made? Police? Fire? Flood? Has the passing of Prop64 caused more safety issues? Has crime increased? What kind of crime?

Leadership Novato Applications

Be part of a legacy that spans over 25 years. Leadership Novato gives comprehensive tools and real-experience to students looking to become effective leaders in their community.


Festival of Art, Wine & Music

Each year,the Novato Chamber hosts the region's largest public festival. Bursting with music, food, wine, family fun and of course...Art...this festival has become a cornerstone in the region's social calendar. Enjoy microbrews, live bands, and SO MUCH MORE....oh and ADMISSION FREE!

Festival 2018

Ribbon Cuttings

Are you interested in supporting the newest businesses coming to town? Help us throw out the welcome wagon and let's join businesses at their grand opening celebrations as well as recognizing when they join the Novato Chamber!

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Leadership Novato Partners Representatives: 
Chief Bill Tyler, LN’09
Novato Fire Protection District
Drew McIntyre, LN’02,
North Marin Water District
Jim Hogeboom
Novato Unified School District
Sandeep Karkal, LN’07, 
Novato Sanitary District
Regan M.  Candelario
City of Novato

Thank you!

Leadership Novato Advisory Committee 

Chair: Victoria Worch, LN’15,
Director of Leadership Novato 
Curriculum Advisor Sophia Osotio, LN’17,
Partner/Board Liaison: Coy Smith,
Reigning Valedictorian: Molly Foley, LN’17
RFP Coordinator: Marie Rios LN' 15
Sponsorship Liason: Regina Bianucci Rus, LN’09
Committee Member Clark Blasdell, LN’93

Alum Team Mentor:s
Brent Ainsworth, LN' 12
Coree Cameron, LN’12,
 Sylvia Barry, LN’12,
Tamara Ressler, LN’15

General questions about the Leadership Novato?

If you have general questions about our Leadeship Novato Program, please do not hesitate to contact the Chamber of our Director of Leadership; Victoria Worch. (Click on her photo to email her directly)

Lead On - White
Leadership Novato Police Molly Folly YMCA Partner Leadership

Explore Novato. We look at schools, fire houses, trails, hospitals, commerce districts, water plants, power plants, natural plants...and meet all the interesting people along the way.

Leadership Novato Jaws of Life Novato CHamber

Hands ON

Nothing beats experience. Get hands-on leadership experience with this comprehensive program that explores the unique jobs and roles that go into running our community. 



We welcome the Class of 2019 to the program. Learn more about the class and their histories. Also check out your available resources and documents here along with materials from the Novato Chamber.

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CLASS of 2018

Check out the past LN Class including their four impressive projects. From milk to medication to moms, and seniors the last class tackled it all.

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Join  the Legacy!

The Novato Chamber is proud to welcome you to the legacy of Leadership Novato Students. Over 25 years has taught us a lot. We welcome imput and discussion. Click on the photo here, to email Victorta Worch with your concerns and ideas