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Thursday, April 4, 2024

4:00-7:00 pm

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Did you know that admission to the Novato Chamber Business Expo is FREE for all attendees?! Join us on April 4th at the Bill and Adele Jonas Center for an unforgettable evening of networking, discovery, and celebration—all at no cost to you! Don't miss this incredible opportunity to connect with local businesses, explore innovative products and services, and support our vibrant community.

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We are excited to host this in person event at the lovely Bill and Adele Jonas Center 1800 Ignacio Blvd. Bldg. 19

We know how much Novato loves to support local businesses! Here is your opportunity to meet some of your local business owners in person. Everything from home repair, food & beverage, health & wellness and education and more will be represented at the annual Novato Chamber Business & Community Expo.

Admission is free for this event! See you @ The Expo

Day Of Event, Vendor Information

Please note the table locations are subject to last minute change based on the room set up. All tables are standard 6 foot tables. Your participation includes 2 chairs and a standard table cloth. If you have your own please fold the unused table cloth and place under the table. If you are sharing a table, you both get 1 chair and share the table space.

The Chamber Staff emailed out vendor packets on April 2nd, please refer to that email for your table space, map etc. With a sold out event, this will help you find your space quickly. Each table will have a name tag on it, so if you do happen to move, you can find your table via the name tag.

And lastly power outlets are limited at this event. If you need power, and have requested it, we did our best to put you near one. Please be kind and share with your neighbors. You are responsible to bring your own extension cords and anything you need to equip your table with power.


You may arrive as early as 1:00pm on Thursday (April 4th) to set-up your table.  

Your table needs to be completely set-up and staffed by 3:30pm. The doors will open at 4pm, however, people always come early.

We ask all of our sponsors/vendors to stay for the duration of the event (4-7pm). Please take all of your signs/collateral from the booth with you after 7:00pm.


Our hope is that you not only get a lot of out of this event, but have fun doing it!


The Novato Business Expo & Community Showcase allows your business to connect, grow and prosper. 



I am excited to be part of the Novato Business Expo again this year.  Last year in the beautiful Jonas Center, I saw lots of my business buddies that I know in the community and also, met many new businesses! Cards were exchanged and connections made! I sold jewelry, but that was not my main focus…. I wanted to know what I do and get to know them and their businesses. I left with a few sales, many new connections, and loads of new friends. A wildly successful event. Cheers to Novato Chamber.

- Shelley Dorssers

The Novato, Chamber of Commerce Business Expo is one of the best I’ve ever attended. The networking, community building, and resource referrals is outstanding. Not only is there excellent food, drinks, shopping to be done, but also information to be gathered for everyone in the community. Don’t miss this excellent event, open to everyone.

- Ann Roggenbuck

As a business owner that offers services outside of the industry norm, getting in front of potential customers to showcase our abilities is so key in acquiring new business. This is what made the Business Expo so worth it for my business as I now could provide demonstrations to get eyes on my business for more individuals to understand our unique business model. It was also a great benefit to be able to interact with other business owners to share specifics about our businesses and how we could help one another. The gross revenue received as a result of the expo was just under $8k and counting as we still have continuing business. Not too bad of a return on investment on the $200 charge to reserve space at the expo! We'll be back again next year!

- Kyle Mastropole

The Novato Business Expo was my first event that I did with the Novato Chamber when I came to work for Valley Memorial Park.  I found it to be a great way for me to meet other businesses to network with.  It was kind of a big splash into the Chamber for me being new.  We had a small table that night and since then I have sponsored the event each year that it was hosted in person.   I found it is a great way to meet & greet with your peers in the community.

- Sherri Jacobs

The Expo has been a great event for the farmers market. We have a wonderful time seeing old friends and making new connections in the community.  It gives us the opportunity to both remind our customers and spark interest in future customers that farmers market season is beginning. We form alliances with local businesses and share with them how working cooperatively can benefit the community, their business and the farmers market. We also tend to recruit a new vendor or two. We have made it a priority to come yearly because we feel like all these benefits are important to our organization. We always have a wonderful time and feel very supported by the Chamber.

- Karen Marks

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Many Ways To Get Involved!

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Being a sponsor at the Expo gets your organization additional publicity, prime table location, video marketing, and placement on printed media as well as the Chamber Website!

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Proceeds from the raffle go to support the Novato Chamber. We aim to continue to throw business strengthening events and build a strong North Bay economy where the businesses and community thrive.



Become An Exhibitor

Being an Exhibitor at the Expo is a great way to participate in the event at a low cost, with high ROI! All businesses are welcome including those who are looking to expose their business to new clientele. 

Show Up & Connect!

More than anything - we want you to be in the room! If you can't sponsor and be an exhibitor this year, so problem! Come and connect with someone new and see why this could be a great event for you next year. 

The Novato Chamber Expo allows your business to connect, grow and prosper. 


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