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Community Building Program | Getting Involved

Leadership Novato: Class of 2018

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Leadership Novato Calendar

Session Presentation - Legacy of Knowledge

Looking for Board Members? Looking to Recruit Volunteers? Raise Awareness

Do you think students would gain valuable insight and knowledge from your experience? Consider being a guest lecturer or presenter becasue your insight is real and valuable. Also, depending on  the subject matter, (and where it would fit into the cuuriculum of the program) your agency or business could get valuable representation in front of the next generation of North Bay leaders.

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LNAC Volunteering Novato CHamber Robin Susan White Levin County of mArin Support LN Alumni

Your Talents - Volunteering with Leadership

Get involved, make an impact and expand your resources & network

As a result of your involvement with Leadership Novato, you will find you are connecting with the most civically-engaged members of our community. You will begin to find that your passions are being support by the Novato Chamber while you are developing its resource of connections, support and friendships. There are many ways to volunteer and continue your legacy with Leadership Novato we want to find the one that fits for you.

Team Projects - a Lasting Legacy 

Get that community support you need to launch your project

Each of the Leadership Novato team must complete a community service project in order to successfully complete the program. In order to give our students real-world experience, projects are selected from submitted Request for Projects. Projects are submitted to the Novato Chamber via the RFP Submission form; if a particular RFP is chosen, a Leadership Novato team will work to assist with the completion of that project. Projects are a lasting community legacy in the community. similarly, projects should aim to be a commuity benefit.

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Donate & Support the Class - Daily Legacy

SWAG is a great way to support the class; water bottles, bags etc all will be used at each of the sessions. 

Your business can gain valuable spotlight by supporting the program financially. The various levels of sponsorship or donation allow your businesses to participate at whichever level you feel most comfortable. While some businesses sponsored by 'hosting a day" others donate SWAG and help keep their message strong throughout and beyond the length of the 9-month program.

Donate & Support a Student - Lifelong Legacy

We do our best to accomidate the needs of students

Because of the generosity of some local donors, most students are able to take advantage of the Chamber's Leadership Program. As a result our program becomes more acccesable to the public. Your business can sponsor a specific student, an employee or volunteer in your ranks, or you can support a random student through our Scholarship Program. We do our best to work with all students who are serious about advancing themselves civically in our community.

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We welcome the Class of 2019 to the program. Learn more about the class and their histories. Also check out your available resources and documents here along with materials from the Novato Chamber.

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Leadership Novato Applications

Be part of a legacy that spans over 25 years. Leadership Novato gives comprehensive tools and real-experience to students looking to become effective leaders in their community.

Online Application - 5 minutes!

Ribbon Cuttings

Are you interested in supporting the newest businesses coming to town? Help us throw out the welcome wagon and let's join businesses at their grand opening celebrations as well as recognizing when they join the Novato Chamber!

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Leadership Novato Partners Representatives: 
Chief Bill Tyler, LN’09
Novato Fire Protection District
Drew McIntyre, LN’02,
North Marin Water District
Jim Hogeboom
Novato Unified School District
Sandeep Karkal, LN’07, 
Novato Sanitary District
Regan M.  Candelario
City of Novato

Thank you!

Leadership Novato Advisory Committee 

Chair: Victoria Worch, LN’15,
Director of Leadership Novato 
Curriculum Advisor Sophia Osotio, LN’17,
Partner/Board Liaison: Coy Smith,
Reigning Valedictorian: Molly Foley, LN’17
RFP Coordinator: Marie Rios LN' 15
Sponsorship Liason: Regina Bianucci Rus, LN’09
Committee Member Clark Blasdell, LN’93

Alum Team Mentor:s
Brent Ainsworth, LN' 12
Coree Cameron, LN’12,
 Sylvia Barry, LN’12,
Tamara Ressler, LN’15

Do you have questions about Leadership Novato? Interested in applying for the program or do you want to get involved in some other capacity? Contact Leslie Biagini Salazar (you can email her directly by clicking on her photo!)

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