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Saturday, June 9 10 AM- 7 PM  | Sunday, June 10 10 AM - 6 PM 


Lost & Found / Lost Child

While we hope this never becomes an issue, given the large event, there are always families who become seperated. Learn what to do if your child is seperated and learn more about our lost and found!

Festival History

The Novato Chamber began hosting the Festival of Art, Wine, and Music in 1984, in that time there have been man looks, styles and bands but the Festival has always displayed a collection of North Bay culture.

Getting There

Get the scoop on the upcoming midterm elections. Learn who the Novato Chamber is supporting, and stay up to date with the local political climate.

Own a Shop in Downtown?

Do you own a restaurant or business on Grant Avenue? This weekend can be very successful for everyone. As the Chamber we want all of Novato's businesses to be successful, check out these tips. 


Parking at the Festival can be a bit of a challenge. But through the use of smart planning, carpool and patience, parking can be found! Click for more!

Community Champions

Sponsors allow this Festival to succeed. Without the support of the community businesses, nonprofits and regional agencies this festival would not occur

Animals Prohibited

No dogs or pets allowed within Festival Limits. Per City of Novato §14-17.3

More info California Law

No Smoking

No smoking of any substances or vaping within Festival limits are strictly prohibited per City of Novato §NMC 7-3.5

Festival Sustainabiliity

We try our best to host an event that diverts as little waste as possible to local landfills. With a festival span of about a mile, that isn't the easiest to do, but we have made great strides over the years. See how!


The Novato Chamber of Commerce has thrown the annual Novato Festival of Art, Wine & Music since 1983. The Festival was known by a few names, most recently the Art and Wine Festival.

Each year's flavor takes on a unique personality and different components. We proudly always boast a bohemian art scene along with delectable wine tasting, family-friendly atmosphere, and a poping music scenes. Since its relocation from Old Town Novato to the west side of Redwood Boulevard, we have added a second stage, more booths and added beer to the mix.

We host the festival every year to attract thousands of people from all over California to our hometown. Local businesses support the Festival through sponsorship and businesses along Grant Avenue try to take advantage of the increased foot traffic.

In years past, we have had huge music names at this Festival and we proudly incorporate local names, schools, and bands to showcase the talent of the North Bay.

This event is the largest fundraiser for the Novato Chamber; proceeds go to allow us to keep working for a stronger North Bay economy. We aim to support the community through community events such as these, as well as businesses retention/support programs.



lost child found police novato chamber head quarters about prohibited

ALL LOST CHILDREN WILL BE BROUGHT TO THE INTERSECTION OF GRANT AVE & FIRST ST towards Redwood Blvd. Lost children will be left in the care of the Novato Police Department and kept in good company. Thank you to the City of Novato for being such amazing supporters of the Festival.


PARENTS OF LOST CHILDREN! - Please go to the Novato Police Station Booth.  We understand it can be difficult to leave the location where you last saw your child, but in order to better service you and your family, we ask that you speak to the Police at the NPD booth towards the Redwood Stage.



Lost items (wallet, phone, purse) will be brought to the Festival HQ, located at the vacant lot/building near First and Grant. LOST ITEMS WILL NOT BE BROUGHT TO THE POLICE BOOTH. If you have lost an item or are turning in an item, please do so at First and Grant (Locals know it as the OLD PINI BUILDING)


Animals are our most trusted friends and we know that the Festival may SEEM like a great place to bring them, However, City Codes prohibit animals (other than service animals) More info California Law from attending the Festival.


animals prohibited permitted festival chamber art wine music


Remember, animals are not used to large crowds, hot pavement, noise and other potentially intimidating situations. Well-behaved animals, when put in high-stress situations, can act unpredictably. Please be respectful and leave your animal friends at home. 

For Business on Grant

finnegans parklet business on grant novato chamber festival art wine music about history downtown

Each year, when the Festival returns, it brings thousands of new faces to Grant Avenue. Many businesses are thrilled with the additional foot traffic, buy we want to Festival to bring success to everyone, including businesses ON Grant Avenue. The Novato Chamber has compiled some suggestions to make the most of the weekend.

  • Post a sign that states a policy for restroom use
  • All Businesses
    • Offer a "Festival goers" Coupon to be redeemed at a later date
      • coupon for a tax consultation, pedicure, or food items
  • For restaurants
    • offer a limited "to-go menu" with three to five items that people can walk with. Limit choices to quick items with low overhead costs.
      • Specialty drinks (coffee/tea/shakes)
      • wraps, burritos, or finger food
  • For retail
    • Open your doors and make an inviting atmosphere that encourages people to check out your inventory.
    • Offer a "special" Festival sales price or a discount for people showing that they attended (wristband, commemorative glasses etc)
      • And tell the CHAMBER so we can give you Pre-Event promotion!

Sustainability and the Festival

finnegans parklet business on grant novato chamber festival art wine music about history downtownIn an effort to create a stronger and sustainable economy the Novato Chamber is proud to bring you an extremely Green-conscious Festival

  • Waste Water 
    • The Novato Chamber proudly works with groups like Recology Marin Sonoma and Novato Sanitary District to help control waste or "grey" water. Grey water is taken to a treatment facility and diverted from creeks, spillways, and streams
  • Recycling and Garbage
    • The Festival of Art Wine and Music works to keep our garbage to a minimum. We proudly join Marin County in prohibiting styrofoam containers and are working to keep our festival's refuse waste to a minimum


Over 6,000 beverage glasses (commemorative wine or beer) are purchased for the event. 

The Festival, especially in warmer years will go through 3 tons of ice. 

Over +200 volunteers over the course of the weekend, set up the week before, and take-down on Monday morning. 

For energy, staff and committee members munch on red-licorice. In any given year, staff will go through anywhere from 3-4 five-lbs tubs of the snack.

At one point, one the #NovatoFAWM has commemorative champagne flutes. 

The Festival goes through about 150 of wine each year.

At points in its history, sponsors included: Southwest Airlines, Snapple, Budweiser, Cacti

Over the course of the weekend, 50-65 kegs of beer will be consumed. 

The Festival has only taken ONE year off. In 2007, due to the reconstruction of Grant Avenue, the Festival of Art, Wine and Music took a single year hiatus.

Pick Me Up! Take me there!

Getting to the Festival has never been easier with the advent of social media and ride sharing. Check out the great ways to get to the Festival of Art, Wine and Music

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Beer & Beer Booths!

Our volunteers ROCK and so does the beer! That i why they are SO freaking excited! Rock on chicas! We proudly pour local crafted Moylan's / Marin Brewing Company beers and welcome you to learn more!

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Local Flavors

Local tastes from around the North Bay give our Festival unique flavors. From traditional seaside Mexican cuisine, to organic ice cream, and thirst quenching lemonades you cannot miss this North Bay festival of flavors. 

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Be part of the Festival 

NInterested in volunteering in your community? Consider volunteering at the Festival of Art, Wine and Music. A fun and dynamic event right here in your own community.

  • Great Family Activity
  • Support your local Chamber of Commerce.
  • Enjoy great music

General questions about the Festival of Art, Wine & Music?

If you have a question about the largest annual event in Novato, please contact the Novato Chamber of Commerce! Click the photo to the right to email them directlyt

Membership | Shaping Tomorrow!

Membership in the Novato Chamber is more than succeeding; it is knowing someone is representing your interests and concerns on a local, regional and state level. It's knowing that you have a resource and an ally, and it is knowing that we want to see our community succeed together. We proactively Shape Tomorrow, check us out!

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Board of Directors

Board members serve a term of 3 years and may serve two consecutive terms. Following a year off-duty, they may resume their service. The Board sets policy, general goals, vision and helps forge the path of the organization under the leadership of the Board President.

Board of Directors

Community Engagement

For over 100 years the Novato Chamber has worked to engage municipal leaders and agencies in order to represent the economic interest of our community. We represent our members on issues surrounding transportation, healthcare, housing, homelessness, public safety, education and more in order to secure a progressive economic future for our community.

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General questions about the Festival of Art, Wine & Music?

If you have a question about the largest annual event in Novato, please contact the Novato Chamber of Commerce! Click the photo to the right to email them directlyt

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